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Ladies Hair SERVICE

Intermediate Stylist: $55.00+
Senior Stylist: $65.00 +

Men's Hair SERVICE

Intermediate Stylist: $45.00+
Senior Stylist: $50.00+

Shampoo & BlowOUT

Going out on a Friday or Saturday night?

Treat yourself to a luxurious shampoo and blowdry!

Time: 45 minutes

Cost: $40.00+

Special Occasion

Long Style: $85.00+

Medium Style: $75.00+

Short Style: $65.00+

Bridal Hair: $100.00+

Add a scalp or conditioning treatment to your service!

All treatments include hot towel & scalp massage  

Scalp Treatment: $25.00*

Conditioning Treatment: $20.00*

Shine treatment: $22.00*

*Blowout added at 20% off

Call or text to book your appointment Phone: (587) 286 4000  Text: (780) 962-2279



Short: $85.00+

Medium: $145.00+

Long: $165.00+

Solid Colour

Short: $115.00+

Medium: $145.00+

Long: $165.00+


Short: $155.00+

Medium: $175.00+

Long: $185.00+

 Add on Toner With service

Add on Toner: $27.00+

Stand Alone Toner service

Short Toner: $40.00+

Long Toner: $55.00+

A blowout will be added to all toners at 20% off

Special Effect

Short: $45.00+

Long: $85.00+

Colour Correction

Short: $225.00+

Long: $285.00+


We ask that you wait 48 hours after you receive a colour with us before you wash your hair at home. We recommend  you use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner your service provider has suggested. This will extend the life of your beautiful new colour!

Pricing for colour can not be quoted over the phone because the stylist cannot see the exact texture, thickness, or integrity of your hair. We ask that everyone receiving  colour for the first time in our salon do a consultation with their stylist before hand so there is no unexpected expectations at the end of your service.
We pride ourselves on being transparent to our guests so they know exactly what they are getting.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Call or text to book your appointment Phone: 587-286-4000  Text: 780-962-2279